Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bird Tongue Green Tea

From Lang's Tea Co. approximately $180 per 450 g.
Lang's Tea Co.
429 Stockton St.
San Francisco, CA
415-391-2228 (not there now see below)

This was a teashop I stopped by on my trip to southern California. This was a nice stop since it was the only shop that I found that felt reasonably welcoming. The other shops I found were just kept telling you how healthy tea is for you and that their tea is the best... I get it theyre trying to make a living, but after I tell you that I already like tea and don't care about all of the health benefits please stop telling me all the superpowers I am going to get from drinking your tea. With that said we had a nice session with Lang. This was the green that I had not tried, we had the lower cost one and I bought the more expensive one. I got the more expensive stuff since it looked like good leaf. Lesson learned yet again, try before you buy. I now how have a reasonable amount of mediocre green tea. It smells shockingly similar to asparagus when brewed. Its an alright green tea, but a reasonalbe amount will probably be used a a lab tea. Lab teas are the ones I take to work to drink, which is likely the height of my senses being dulled since I am in a synthetic organic lab. Therefore lab tea is tea that is alright but nothing that I want to save and appreciate. Lang was very nice and told me that the shop has been there for about a year and a website is in the works. Theres a couple of more teas from Langs I got that I will post about soon.

Edit: Brew at 60 C, it is much better than 80 C. It is still not the best, but good.

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