Sunday, June 5, 2016

2012 Yiwu Zengshan Pu-erh

From $15 for a 400 g cake

This is a big surprise. I think this is the first ripe puerh I have had where there is absolutely no fishy/swampy (duiwei) aroma at all, which is remarkable especially considering it is a 2012 vintage. It leaves me wondering how they did this and whoever is responsible did a great job. If only they could help all the other producers know what works it could really help the reputation of ripe puerh and raise the quality. This really is a what I would consider a standard ripe puerh. If all ripe was produced in this fashion maybe it would get a better reputation. Its also nice to see some reasonable consistency in the leaf quality and fewer stems and finely chopped material.
(I had found this saved as a draft since I wanted to buy a decent amount before posting. Here it is two years later, it is sold out, and I didn't get any more. Oh well, on to find the next decent ripe cakes.)

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