Sunday, May 6, 2012

2008 Nan Jian Tulin "803" Ripe Pu-erh tea tuo

From Yunnan Sourcing  $5 for a 100 g tuo cha.

This is the first of seven from a recent order of some ripe puerh from YS. The first inspection of this does not look impressive, small rather chopped leaves with a moderately fishy smelling aroma. However it pleasantly surprised me with a nice mild liquor and although not the best smelling tea, it was not unbearable by any means. I was expecting something overpoweringly awful from the look and smell of the dry leaf. The leaves last a shockingly long time for how chopped the appear, I got about 8 infusions without really trying. Overall it was very nice and at $5 for 100 g easy to recommend as an everyday tea to get the morning going, as it will do for me for the next few days.

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