Monday, April 30, 2012

Lotus Ripe puerh

From J-Tea  $102 for a 357 g cake.

I have waited to post on this one until I have made it several times to get a feel for it. Usually my impressions change after making a tea about 6 times or so in a relatively short time span (about one week); there are some teas I love the first few times making them but they can loose their appeal after a few sessions. Overall it is a really nice ripe puerh. Not exceptional but in the top 10-20% for ripe puerh. It is something I can definitely drink everyday, which is the one of the best qualities a tea can have in my opinion. I am always on the lookout for good 'desert island' teas, this would fit in that list. Taking everything into account I would consider it priced a bit high, but it supports the local tea shop. I think it's worth paying a bit more to help keep the doors open of a nice local place like J-Tea.

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