Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red Water Formosa Oolong

From J-Tea USD $14 for 1 oz.

This was a nicely make oolong.  It has just a touch of the charcoal roasted taste, but is not overpowering as some tend to be.  The body is fairly robust when compared to the aromas and made a complimentary contrast to them. I was getting some floral and citrus-like aromas some hints of lemon, but not in a bad way at all, but the smells were definetly on the lighter side.  The liquor definitely has a slight red rusty sunset color.


  1. If you ever find yourself looking for more teas like this, I think the more common term is the untranslated "hung shui". What makes teas like this special, to my understanding, is the roasting method: low and slow over charcoal. When done right (something which takes a lot of skill, hence the price), you end up with an oolong that keeps it's freshness, but also has some roasted traits.

    Something I found interesting and thought I'd share - if it's something you haven't already stumbled across as I did recently.


    1. Thanks for the comment, this is the one of the first charcoal roasted oolongs that I have had where there was a noticeable difference from others. It makes sense that it was done with much skill. It is definitely a nice benchmark tea for what I like about charcoal roasted oolongs, light and complimentary, and not overpowering.