Sunday, January 29, 2012

2006 Hai Lang Hao "Jin Hai Lang" Ripe Pu-erh tea cake of Menghai

From Yunnan Sourcing USD $5 for 25g sample, 357 g also available for $39

This sample was included for free with my most recent order from Yunnan Sourcing.  Thanks!  Now, I have not had a tea that I did not at least infuse a few times in a long time.  Let me explain further, usually if I get something that I do not like I can at least apprecitae why someone else might like it and will plough through several infusions in the gaiwan.  Sadly this was not one of them.  The aromas were strangely muted, a very tame smokyness with a touch of 'wet forest', and did not offer much insight to the taste.  There was nothing that would indicate a something I would not like from the smell.  After a brief (~5 sec wash), still no indication from the aroma.  The first infusion was on the lighter side, since I like to get acclimated to the subtleties, the taste and smell of this was alright.  Then on the second infusion after the leaves had opened up it hit.  This tasted like someone grated an old crusty tanned leather boot into shreds and brewed it up in boiling water.  That was the end of this tea, it was dumped, and now I am on to the next sample.  I respectfully disagree with the descreption on the YS page for this one.

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